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Arto Lindsay

Arto Lindsay-Salt

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Release Date: May 11th, 2004

"Lindsay's continued melding of global pop melodies, electronic beats and samba groove into an urban soul music appropriate for New York, Sao Paulo or anywhere else."  - Tad Hendrickson,


"Lindsay's lyrics, which, moving in and out of Portuguese with a languid grace, float above the music like strangely erotic poems."  - Washington Post


Arto Lindsay's second RBR release, Salt, contains an intoxicating blend of harmony and instrumentation. Produced by bassist Melvin Gibbs, electronic wizards Kassin and Berna Ceppas, and Lindsay himself, the record offers a meld of Bahian grooves and in-your-face electronic textures, combining lush string arrangements and guitar flutters resulting in a unique blend of multicultural pop.