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Pieta Brown

Pieta Brown & JT Bates (feat. CARM) - Sunday (Single)

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Beloved singer/songwriter Pieta Brown has teamed up with acclaimed percussionist/producer JT Bates (Bonny Light Horseman, Big Red Machine, Taylor Swift) for two new singles to be released through Righteous Babe Records. Today they share the second track titled “Sunday” featuring additional instrumentation by CJ Camerieri (CARM, yMusic, Bon Iver, Paul Simon) along with a video by actor/dancer/model Brandise Danesewich.

“We composed ‘Sunday’ out of many layers of fragments, starting with my guitar fragment and a few ambient recording fragments I had made and sent to JT,” said Pieta. “At some point in the back and forth I caught a spark and sang to the instrumental piece we had started forming. I sang without thinking and my first response stuck to the track. I reckon survival has always been a universal theme, but it's feeling like it’s everywhere right now...for everyone. I was surprised by what I sang, but as soon as I had the vocals I kept hearing/imagining a horn section and so JT reached out to CJ. CJ's arrangements feel perfect: open, poignant, and a bit playful. Jeremy Ylvisaker and Chris Bates brought even more music to the track. The song is called ‘Sunday’ because I recorded the acoustic guitar fragment on a Sunday, and it was this fragment that JT first responded to out of the pile of noise I sent him. We send this song out to all survivors! With love!”