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Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco Melbourne 1.19.16

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The newest bootleg comes from Melbourne…..Florida! Catch two discs of Ani playing new renditions of classic tunes like “32 Flavors,” “Shy,” and “Untouchable Face” along with more recent songs including “Play God” from her forth coming album due out in 2017. Also, these are the first official Bootleg appearances of “The Slant,” “Dithering,” “Sorry I Am,” “Rainy Parade,” and “If Yr Not.” Her legs might have been wobbly from a 10 mile bike ride the day before but her performance is strong. Riding with her on this one is Todd Sickafoose on bass and Terence Higgins on drums.

Recorded in Melbourne, FL
Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts
god's country
life boat
careless words
as is
the slant
to the teeth
swan dive
sorry I am
play god
rainy parade
if yr not
untouchable face
both hands
32 flavors

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