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Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco-Allergic to Water

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Please Note: Digital orders – Please note that Allergic to Water will arrive as an MP3 in a zip file and will not load directly to iPhones or iPads.

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    Ani’s new album, Allergic to Water, features some of the most subtle music to date wrapped up in lovely white embossed packaging. Throughout the record, DiFranco, her band and a few music guests, create melodies that are lilting and funky, imaginative and personal: so personal that she produced and mixed the record all on her own . DiFranco packs a world of musical surprises into the 12 low-key songs on Allergic To Water. Vibes, tones and rhythms constantly change while her band draws on its own expansive palette.

    Ani says, “the recordings are documents of my current touring band just laying down the songs. It was empowering but terrifying to have the buck stop with me again in terms of the mixes…
    i hope you enjoy this record. thank you for listening.”

    Ani – Todd Sickafoose – Terence Higgins – Ivan Neville – Mike Dillon – Jenny Scheinman –Matt Perrine