Just Announced! BabeFest 2017 on October 8 in Provincetown, MA

Just Announced! BabeFest 2017 on October 8 in Provincetown, MA

Mark your calendars for the second annual BABEFEST coming to Provincetown, MA on October 8!  Experience music, community and activism all packed into one night during Provincetown's annual Women's Week.

 "we are living in a political moment with limitless potential.  there has never been a better time to be the change you want to see. let's take the time to turn away from the glowing screens and face each other! let's face this challenge arm in arm! we can transform this." - ani

Beyond great performances, Babefest includes an Activist University meetup at Fishermen Hall at 3pm, giving the Babefest activists the chance to connect and learn from each other how to create impact in their communities, country and the world. Activist University was launched in 2016 by Care2, the world's largest social network for good, with over 40 million members starting petitions, supporting each other's campaigns and sharing stories that inspire action.  Activist University is a collaborative 60-minute session guided by Care2 campaigners designed to bring activists together and provide a step-by-step guide to grassroots organizing focusing on using local activism to make a difference in your City.    

Ani's bringing the full band: Todd Sickafoose, Terence Higgins plus Ivan Neville and Jenny Scheinman.  Babefest also features poet Andrea Gibson, comedian Rae Sanni, and musicians Gracie and Rachel.

Join us - Rise Up - at Babefest

Sunday, October 8
Provincetown, MA - Town Hall
On sale to the general public Fri Sep 8 10am
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