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Singer-songwriter and feminist icon Ani DiFranco is hitting the road with her band, bassist Todd Sickafoose and drummer Terence Higgins, on her “VOTE DAMMIT” tour, which runs now through November 2016. Matching the current political climate in the United States, DiFranco is using her tour and her music to encourage fans to have their voices be heard not in just the presidential elections, but the congressional elections as well.

 DiFranco says, “I’m encouraging people to take all the elections this year seriously, not just the presidency, which is all you hear about in the media. I’ve been especially encouraging young people to vote for years. I feel like if we all participated, we’d have a different country and government.”

 She believes that “We need to not go slack this election year, and take all the elections very seriously because, without a Democrat majority in Congress, some very important changes will not be made… There are so many things that need addressing right now and we need to, as voters, lay the groundwork for that change to happen. For someone like me, I’d rather paint the Congress green, or purple and yellow, but for right now, we get a choice between red and blue”

 In career that has spanned over 25 years, DiFranco has released more than 20 studio albums, as well as live albums, EPs and collaborations. Many of her songs have been woven with her views on the issues she’s passionate about. “Trickle Down” discusses the racism and gentrification, while “To The Teeth” speaks about the need for gun control, while “In or Out” questions society’s traditional sexuality labels.

 The “VOTE DAMMIT” tour also features DiFranco performing new songs such as, “Play God”, that stresses the importance of a woman’s right to choose, featuring lyrics like “I must insist, you leave this one to me.” Her boundary-pushing music and her progressive messages have made her one of the foremost feminist performers today.

 DiFranco’s political involvement extends well beyond her music. She has been applauded as an influential activist, and has long supported grassroots efforts for human rights and social justice.

 To that end, joining the tour is HeadCount, a non-partisan organization that stresses the importance of voting to music fans. Tables will be set up at shows where concert attendees can register to vote and receive information about voting. HeadCount saw the power and potential of the music community, and is responsible for the registration of over 325,000 voters. Like DiFranco, HeadCount recognizes the importance of “speaking to be heard”, regardless of ones political alignment.

 DiFranco’s latest album was the critically acclaimed Allergic To Water, released in 2014.